2018 Seattle Riichi Open


A lot has been going on with our club including our Sakura-con Mahjong Room (more on that to come in the following days), but we’re here to announce the 2018 Seattle Riichi Open!

And perhaps you may be able to tell, there’s a bit of a cold theme to combat the heat of summer. And that’s because we’ve moved locations to the Granite Curling Club in North Seattle!

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to curl (it’s their off-season), but they have graciously allowed us to use their location. We hope you will join us to see who will be champion of the Great Northwest!


  • Date – July 21-22, 2018
  • LocationGranite Curling Club, 1440 N 128th St, Seattle, WA
  • RulesetWRC Rules
  • Max Field Size – 48 (currently max, may adjust if we see more registrations)
  • Entry Fee – $25

From last year, the state of Washington is unfortunately one of the more stricter states with respect to mahjong, and as a result in order to cover the costs of the tournament we will need to charge an entry fee and thus are unable to offer a prize other than bragging rights.


Since the location of the Granite Curling Club is a bit further away from the airport, here is the easiest way to get to the area if you are not driving or taking a rideshare:

From Sea-Tac Airport, take the Link Light Rail to the University Street Station. Exit onto 3rd Avenue and head south to Seneca St. Take the E Line bus north to N 130th St. Walk south to N 128th St, take a left and the club will be on your left.


We expect all players to play with respect and courtesy to fellow players and staff. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • No intentional slow-playing at the table,
  • No rabbit-chasing (looking at tiles not revealed once gameplay is over),
  • No kibitzing (commentating on another players’ game while spectating),
  • No sakitsumo (drawing a tile before the prior player has discarded),
  • No foreign objects allowed at the table (includes headphones, cell phones, etc) outside of pen and paper,
  • Players should be familiar with scoring, however scoring tables will be provided at each table,
  • Accurate points counts should be provided when requested.


With our new location, the hours of the tournament can start earlier compared to last year. This means that we can keep a rather even schedule throughout the two days, though we understand that for those coming from out of state, finding travel home may be difficult based upon existing flight schedules.

In addition, we are able to play with World Riichi Championship time limits, which is one time call at 90 minutes. At that point, you may finish your current hand. A new hand is defined to have begun when the prior hand concludes either by a win or by a draw.

Saturday, July 21

  • 0900 – Location Opens
  • 0900-1000 – Check-in (no walk-up registration allowed)
  • 1020 – Announcements
  • 1030-1200 – First Round
  • 1200-1330 – Lunch
  • 1330-1500 – Second Round
  • 1530-1700 – Third Round
  • 1730-1900 – Fourth Round

Sunday, July 22

  • 0900 – Location Opens
  • 0930-1100 – Fifth Round
  • 1130-1300 – Sixth Round
  • 1300-1430 – Lunch
  • 1500-1630 – Finals Round 1
  • 1700-1830 – Finals Round 2
  • 1900 – Awards Presentation



For field less than 24 players, pairings will be determined randomly. For fields 24 and larger the ordinal pairing system will be used.

After the 6th round, there will be a cut for finals based upon field size:

  • Up to 20 – Top 4 players
  • 24-48 players – Top 8 players


There will be no adjustment of scores from the qualifying to the playoff stages. Last year’s tournament based upon the current pairing structure did not necessitate the need for scores to be adjusted. This tournament will test that this is the standard as opposed to the exception.

Pairings for the first round of playoffs assuming 8 players will be as follows:

  • Table 1 – 1-3-6-8
  • Table 2 – 2-4-5-7

Pairing within the 2nd round of playoffs will be within their respective group of 4 placings for final placement. (i.e if the original cut was 8 players, after the first round of playoffs the top 4 scores play for 1st-4th, the second 4 play for 5th-8th).


We will be catering lunch from Bitteroot BBQ for lunch at $20/person per day. You may opt out of any lunch you like as there are many food options, fast or otherwise within walking distance of the club.


We are currently looking whether we can take advantage of existing relations the Granite Curling Club has to give discounts at local hotels. More as we get that information.


There will be 2 parts to registration:

  1. Registration for the tournament
  2. Payment of entry fee and food costs.

An e-mail will be sent once the first step is completed with an address to send the registration fee via PayPal.

Only when all parts are completed, players are deemed to have been registered for the tournament. Questions should be forwarded to seattleriichi through gmail.